Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dollars on the U.S. Dollar stagnant

The rupiah against the U.S. dollar (USD) on the last day in the same position as yesterday.

Rates of exchange prevailing position of Bank Indonesia (BI) at the close of trading Wednesday (05/22/2013) remain at Rp9.765 per USD.

Bloomberg noted that while the data this afternoon rupiah fell 7 points to Rp9.770 per USD from yesterday at position Rp9.763 per USD.

While based on the data yahoo finance, the domestic currency closed down 5 points to Rp9.765 per USD, compared to the previous day Rp9.760 per USD, the daily range Rp9.766 per USD.

Head of Research & Analysis BNI, Nurul Eti Nurbaeti previously said, the movement of the local currency in today's trade is affected by global sentiment.

"Global sentiment ahead of testimony from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke will go down tonight escalate the dollar as a safe haven currency against the rupiah," he said in his research.